Past IIW President

Pillars of Our Club

Past IIW President – Dr. Pallavi Shah

Being installed as IIW President on 1st July, 2010.

Secretary of Bombay West : 1986-87
President of Bombay West : 1988-89
District ISO : 1995-96
District Editor : 1996-97
District Treasurer : 1997-98
District Secretary : 1998-99
District Vice Chairman : 1999-00
District Chairman : 2000-01

As District Chairman, unusual Project was Seminar “Vision 2000” held at Bhaidas Sabhagrih, with Kiran Bedi as the speaker. It was appreciated by all. The District Conference was hosted by Bombay West at Bhaidas Hall. The District functions were made simpler for all members to understand & concept of computers was introduced for easy communication & publicity. District was divided into zones for easy handling.

With President of Mauritius and Lady Jaggannaut

With Governing body at Mumbai

Association Secretary : 2003-04
Association President : 2006-07
As Association President, Pallavi had the privilege of hosting the 11th Triennial Conference. It was attended by 1650 delegates, including delegates from Australia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Pakistan. Members of Bombay West accepted key responsibilities. It was a milestone event for our Club.
International Board Director : 2008-09. Convention year. GBM in Denmark & 2nd in Kota Kinabalu in Malayasia.
International President – 2010-11 Theme : Commit with Conviction, Compassion, Consistency.
The new office of International IW was inaugurated in her year as IIW President.
Governing Body Meeting was held in Mumbai when IIW Immediate Past President, IIW Vice President, IIW Treasurer, Constitution Chairman, Office Secretary & 16 Board Directors from 16 different countries gathered for the Meeting in Mumbai. Bombay West displayed Indian culture to them.
South Asia Rally was held during this year in Sri Lanka which unified members in South Asia region.
Pallavi visited 15 Countries & 22 Districts in India, during her year as IIW President & built bridges of friendship. She met President of Mauritius & Mayors of different cities in different countries. It was a pleasure to address 2400 delegates in UK, the origin of IW. Her focus always was to keep the Indian flag flying high.
Pallavi addressed several Conferences & Assemblies.
It was a proud moment to be in UN in Vienna, to attend a session. This sculpture is of a liberated woman stepping out of a frame.

Attended Meetings all over the world
Ataturk Memorial in Turkey