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About Inner Wheel Club of Bombay West

Inner Wheel Club of Bombay West has a rich history to look back, as it completes 50 years of service to society. As our Founder member & Past District Chairman Sarayu Shah reminisces, Inner Wheel Club of Bombay West was formed on 30th November, 1966 & received its charter on 9th March, 1967 with Madhuben Desai as the Founder President. Rtn. Chatrabhujbhai Narsee, PDG. D.M. Desai & Mohanbhai Patel made a lion share of contribution to the formation & lent a helping hand to make Inner Wheel Club of Bombay West, self sufficient. Subsequent Presidents like Jayashree Daru, Sandra Shroff, Sarayu Shah, Nergis Sorabjee worked hard to bring glory to the Club. The 1st Fund Raising in those days was a Fashion Show, which served the purpose of forming a nidus for initial projects. The major Project remembered by all & appreciated by many, was running the Medical Centre of Rotary Club of Bombay West.. Nergis Sorabjee & Sandra Shroff, contributed to the success story with their own effort, which benefitted many.

Bombay West was a part of District 315 & later with growth, when bifurcation occurred, we became part of District 314, which remains so even now.
Each President has added a special flavour to the Club & taken it to greater heights.
The Architects of Inner Wheel Club of Bombay West:
We are very proud to announce that the 4th International Inner Wheel President from India, Dr. Pallavi Shah belongs to our IWC. She was International President in 2010-11 & brought laurels to IW India, District 314 & our Club.
Dr. Shobha Ahuja was Association Treasurer in 2010-11 & District Chairman in 2005-06.
Our other members who adorned the higher office of District Chairman in IW were Madhu Desai, Nergis Sorabjee, Sarayu Shah, Rama Parekh.

Objectives of Inner Wheel

Inner Wheel Club has three key objectives

  • To Promote True Friendship;
  • To Encourage the Ideals of Personal Service;
  • To Foster International Understanding.

Any woman who shares the three central aims of International Inner Wheel can join the organisation.Members achieve these aims through Club events, which combine personal service, fund raising, fellowship and fun, united by friendship and a common aim to serve the local community.
Members extend physical as well as financial support whenever needed/called for.

Benefits of Membership

There are lots of reasons why women choose to become part of Inner Wheel.
When you join the organisation, you’ll become part of a network of friendship embracing 103 countries. You’ll develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills and will become part of a community, based on friendship, support and love.

“We make a difference to people’s lives and share our talents.”

Important Links

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Rotary Club of Bombay West : www.rcbw.org